Reminiscing On The Decade

It is absolutely wild that another decade has come and gone. Time truly goes by quicker every year. I just thought i’d take this opportunity to talk about some of the highlights I’ve had over the past 10 years, because they were the big transformation years in my life.

Graduating high school

Living in a small town can have its downfalls, one being that people can be a bit more close minded than in a big city. I always felt that I never truly fit in, even though on the outside it may have looked like I was sometimes hanging with the “popular crowd”. Being able to get through those 4 years with good grades and my head held high was a challenge at times, but I did it.

Moving away for post secondary

Probably one of the most exciting and scary time in someone’s life. Once you’re moved into residence and you’re officially on your own for the first night it is definitely overwhelming. But I found very close, like-minded friends to spend these years with. We had a ton of fun, you could debate too much fun, but we all figured it out together.

Completing my advanced diploma

College brought its own set of challenges, but those 3 years were some of the most fun in my life. I felt a lot more free and open to be who I wanted by the end of it. I also made some amazing lifelong friendships and learned a lot about time management. Everything I did in post secondary gave me the confidence for my next steps in life.

Moving to Milan, Italy

I thought moving away to go to college was scary, this was on a whole other level. I didn’t speak the language, I was moving in to nanny with a family I barely knew, and I was fully on my own (not a drive away) from friends, family, and my boyfriend. Once I settled in and met some fun people I had some of the most memorable travel weekends of my life. Venice, Oktoberfest in Munich, Verona, Lake Como, Cinque Terre, and exploring the city we were living in. Being a nanny also taught me a lot about what I can handle and gave me confidence to speak up for what I deserve.

Backpacking Europe alone

The next huge step after working in Italy was my choice to backpack Europe. I wanted to see as much as I possibly could in 3 months and wow did I ever. 10 countries, countless friends made, and an infinite amount of new memories. I felt like I could conquer the world after this. I successfully did this all on my own and it made me realize I could do ANYTHING. It opened my eyes to the endless possibilities the world offers.

Getting my first adult career

Once I returned from Europe I was immediately offered a job in the office where I had previously done landscape labour the summer before I had left to Italy. I’m not going to lie, it was a rough transition coming from travelling and doing whatever I wanted in whatever country I wanted for months, to being tied down at a Monday to Friday 9-5 job. On the other hand, I was absolutely broke and needed to figure out where my life was headed. I needed a steadiness in my life for the first time in a year.

Buying my first car

This was my first big purchase, and felt like the first step into being immersed into real adulthood. Figuring out how to work a full time job, stay fit, pay bills, budget, have a social life, and make the big necessary purchases all came once I was thrown into my career. Being an adult is challenging, but also very rewarding. Being able to buy a brand new car all on my own was a great feeling.

Moving in with my boyfriend

This is a huge step in a relationship and we’ve now been living together for almost 3 years (we’ve been together for 6.5 years). It made sense as the next step for us, living and working in the same city, in a strong committed relationship, and seeing our futures together. It takes a bit to get used to living with a significant other, but we’ve both loved every minute of this journey together. It’s also brought us even closer than we ever thought possible.


Through those 10 years and big checkpoints in my life, I also went through break ups, new relationships, falling in love, being broke, living out of a backpack, deaths of close family and friends, grieving, therapy, being at my lowest point, as well as being at my highest. Laying this out in front of me really shows that no matter what you are going through, there is ALWAYS so much more to come and so much life to live.

I can’t wait to look back on the next decade and see my personal growth and the amazing things I accomplish. Have a very happy new year friends, let’s enjoy the next 10 ♥

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