The Endless Lust

Vagary (n.)

Origin: Latin
An unpredictable instance, a wandering journey; a whimsical, wild or unusual idea, desire, or action

The word described above is a perfect description of how I feel on a daily basis. I am restless, I hate routine, I crave adventure, I want to learn, I have the constant desire to do something new and different. I’ve never been one to spend money on material things, and I admire the fact that my parents have instilled that trait in me. There’s more to life than “things” my mom would always say, and that’s affected me a lot more than I ever thought it would. Instead, I save all of that for experiences.

You could say my lust for travel began when I was young. My parents would always take me on trips, and we wouldn’t just lounge at a resort for a week. Mexico with my mom to experience Mardi Gras, Costa Rica with my family going fourwheeling and zip-lining through the rainforest, Dominican Republic with classmates on a mission trip. Although, I never realized my full potential until I was about 20 years old. I had booked tickets to go to Spain with my friend, Becky, who lived there with her family. I had planned to spend one week with her and her family, and one week doing Madrid and Barcelona on my own. Once I had arrived and began eating, drinking, and experiencing Spain with Becky and her family, I didn’t want to go and travel alone. I was TERRIFIED. I’d never been to Europe, let alone on my own. I spoke very little Spanish. I had little experience booking anything by myself. I had never even taken a train before. Not to mention the countless people before I’d left telling me, “You’ve seen the movie Taken right? You’d better be careful!” I had so much doubt and fear, but the day had arrived where I had to venture to Madrid, and I was dreading it (along with the 5 hour drive). Luckily, one of her family’s friends had to drive to Madrid the same day, so I got a fast, luxurious ride in an Audi for free. Once we arrived he was so kind and showed me many of the tourist attractions, we grabbed a drink at a beautiful market, and he even helped me check into my hostel before we parted ways. And then the moment finally came, I was alone. I was flooded with emotions. I had to manage those next few days on my own and had no clue how I’d handle it.

I awoke the next day, put on my big girl pants, and decided I had to go for it. I caught my first train, I checked into a hostel, I spent a full day exploring a new, foreign city. I did so many things that day I’d never done in my entire life and it was so exhilerating. I showed myself there are no limitations to the things I can accomplish, even as a solo female. In the span of the next 3 days I saw amazing sights, lounged at a beautiful beach, saw the creations of one of my favourite artists in person, ate at amazing restaurants alone (and drank sangria of course). I didn’t want to leave, those few days were not near enough to experience Barcelona and all of it’s culture. On the flight home I realized I needed more time to experience the countries in Europe, there was so much history and beauty everywhere.

Once I was home, I’d go through my photos everyday and dream of the places I’d go next. I stopped making excuses and thinking of limitations, those didn’t exist anymore. The only thoughts in my head were “this is where I’ll go, this is how I’ll do it.” I work hard and save money, I book a ticket, I go. There’s always a way around work, around finances, and around missing people. I get many people asking me how there’s any way I could go and do these things on my own (and I still hear this frequently). The answer is simple: I just do, and you can too.

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